Reproductive Rights

“ Reproductive Rights” – Another euphemism from the serpent and his minions.

Satan was the inventor of the Euphemism. Taking something that is inherently wrong or bad and making it good, attractive, wholesome, enriching. Euphemisms are a propaganda tactic, used to cloud, obscure and twist the truth into a trap for the gullible or an excuse for sociopaths to make their self-serving deeds that steal from and hurt others, look honerable and decent and right. Sound like any salesmen, politicians, or bosses you have known?

Satan, a.k.a. Lucifer the glorious angel of light, took Eve’s focus off of all that God had given her and Adam and on to the one thing He had kept from them.

God had told Adam, “You can eat from all of the trees in the Garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for in the day you eat from it you will die”.

Satan’s strategy was to refocus Eve’s thinking from seeing God as a trustworthy, benevolent father to someone of questionable credibility who had a ‘hidden Agenda’. Satan said something like “Indeed, has God really said… [Don’t be silly], you surely will NOT die.  [God and I go way back, I know him better than anyone else, I was his right hand man, I know the truth], He knows that if you eat from the forbidden tree the eyes of your mind and soul will be opened to new and mind-expanding experiences and you will know good from evil, you will be a wiser Eve, a better Adam and be LIKE Him in that respect”

‘How exciting to think about that! Just what is it that God is keeping from me? ‘

Now, Eve’s focus was no longer on God and all he had given to her and Adam but on His questionable credibility and what He was hiding from them. God’s generosity and trustworthiness was in question and His authority was undermined. To do something so aweful as to betray the trust of our good and benevolent and fatherly God, had now been replaced with something better, more noble, to experience for herself all things that had been hidden, that were good, but forbidden, after all, doesn’t she have the right to know and be enriched by those things?  “Who is this God to hide good things from me and tell me what I can and cannot eat! “

“It’s not distrust, betrayal and disobedience, Eve, its your right!

There is the Euphemism.

It’s not murdering an innocent, helpless child, its my ‘Reproductive Right’!


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