So…Who Am I?

I throw open the borders of America to the poor and the needy because I am a compassionate humanitarian, because they will remember my kindness and vote for me in the next election; because they are camouflage for terrorists and criminals who enter your country to rob you, burglarize your home, run down the elderly and children with stolen cars and speed off leaving them to die; They are those who rape your child and send you the video of them sawing off your child’s head while they are still alive and struggling helplessly, then with one last gasp, blood gurgling out of the gaping slit across their throat, they go suddenly limp while the sawing continues; they do this all in the name of their god, with bombs, knives, guns, cars, trucks, hijacked airliners.

This all plays in to my agenda; to use the mayhem, the terror and the fear, the mental illness to justify taking away your rights to protect your family, without weapons you will be helpless when we control the military and law enforcement. When you speak-out to reveal my agenda, I label you as members of hate groups and make laws against freedom of speech and the press. I turn you all against Christians, Jews and Israel, I can’t help myself, my Master has put hatred deep within my heart for them all. He turns peoples hearts cold and then I deceive and compel them to kill their own helpless, innocent babies.  Why?  Three  reasons, it just gives me a thrill to have such influence, power and control over your lives… and your deaths, It’s less of a drain on you, the tax payer, to pay for an abortion than to support fatherless children until they are 18, (more money for me), and thirdly, the abortion industry directs tons of money into my election campaigns.

So, who am I ?

I am your savior, your Liberal-Democrat: Politician, Congressman, Senator, Judge, Journalist, Song Writer, Hollywood Screen Writer, Actor, Celebrity. I am the Liberal billionaire marxist/socialist who funds their election campaigns and puts Liberals in office, I make celebrities from nobodies. I am their Master, they are my unwitting slaves. I purchased their souls, I control them, they are mine.

I have always believed that I am the Second Coming of Christ. When America is mine, all nations will bow down to me.