So…Who Am I?

I throw open the borders of America to the poor and the needy because I am a compassionate humanitarian, because they will remember my kindness and vote for me in the next election; because they are camouflage for terrorists and criminals who enter your country to rob you, burglarize your home, run down the elderly and children with stolen cars and speed off leaving them to die; They are those who rape your child and send you the video of them sawing off your child’s head while they are still alive and struggling helplessly, then with one last gasp, blood gurgling out of the gaping slit across their throat, they go suddenly limp while the sawing continues; they do this all in the name of their god, with bombs, knives, guns, cars, trucks, hijacked airliners.

This all plays in to my agenda; to use the mayhem, the terror and the fear, the mental illness to justify taking away your rights to protect your family, without weapons you will be helpless when we control the military and law enforcement. When you speak-out to reveal my agenda, I label you as members of hate groups and make laws against freedom of speech and the press. I turn you all against Christians, Jews and Israel, I can’t help myself, my Master has put hatred deep within my heart for them all. He turns peoples hearts cold and then I deceive and compel them to kill their own helpless, innocent babies.  Why?  Three  reasons, it just gives me a thrill to have such influence, power and control over your lives… and your deaths, It’s less of a drain on you, the tax payer, to pay for an abortion than to support fatherless children until they are 18, (more money for me), and thirdly, the abortion industry directs tons of money into my election campaigns.

So, who am I ?

I am your savior, your Liberal-Democrat: Politician, Congressman, Senator, Judge, Journalist, Song Writer, Hollywood Screen Writer, Actor, Celebrity. I am the Liberal billionaire marxist/socialist who funds their election campaigns and puts Liberals in office, I make celebrities from nobodies. I am their Master, they are my unwitting slaves. I purchased their souls, I control them, they are mine.

I have always believed that I am the Second Coming of Christ. When America is mine, all nations will bow down to me.

The Right to Take a Life Has Consequences

Since 1973 the American Democratic Party has ‘promoted’ 61,000,000 hate crimes against unborn children who are human beings with the same God-given right-to-life as those who deny them that right. Every vote for a liberal or democratic candidate empowers our nation to murder another one million children during the following year. Our nation is accountable to The One who is the Avenger of the innocent, powerless and oppressed.  
Expect the unthinkable consequences suffered by the people of past nations who denied their own children the right to life.  They were suddenly reduced to inescapable oppression with no rights, dire poverty, moral depravity, filth and hopelessness.

Reproductive Rights

“ Reproductive Rights” – Another euphemism from the serpent and his minions.

Satan was the inventor of the Euphemism. Taking something that is inherently wrong or bad and making it good, attractive, wholesome, enriching. Euphemisms are a propaganda tactic, used to cloud, obscure and twist the truth into a trap for the gullible or an excuse for sociopaths to make their self-serving deeds that steal from and hurt others, look honerable and decent and right. Sound like any salesmen, politicians, or bosses you have known?

Satan, a.k.a. Lucifer the glorious angel of light, took Eve’s focus off of all that God had given her and Adam and on to the one thing He had kept from them.

God had told Adam, “You can eat from all of the trees in the Garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for in the day you eat from it you will die”.

Satan’s strategy was to refocus Eve’s thinking from seeing God as a trustworthy, benevolent father to someone of questionable credibility who had a ‘hidden Agenda’. Satan said something like “Indeed, has God really said… [Don’t be silly], you surely will NOT die.  [God and I go way back, I know him better than anyone else, I was his right hand man, I know the truth], He knows that if you eat from the forbidden tree the eyes of your mind and soul will be opened to new and mind-expanding experiences and you will know good from evil, you will be a wiser Eve, a better Adam and be LIKE Him in that respect”

‘How exciting to think about that! Just what is it that God is keeping from me? ‘

Now, Eve’s focus was no longer on God and all he had given to her and Adam but on His questionable credibility and what He was hiding from them. God’s generosity and trustworthiness was in question and His authority was undermined. To do something so aweful as to betray the trust of our good and benevolent and fatherly God, had now been replaced with something better, more noble, to experience for herself all things that had been hidden, that were good, but forbidden, after all, doesn’t she have the right to know and be enriched by those things?  “Who is this God to hide good things from me and tell me what I can and cannot eat! “

“It’s not distrust, betrayal and disobedience, Eve, its your right!

There is the Euphemism.

It’s not murdering an innocent, helpless child, its my ‘Reproductive Right’!


Murdering Children

In 1973 some supreme court justices decided that the states had the right to allow a woman to “End Her Pregnancy”, a euphamism for ‘ask someone to kill the child that was growing in her womb’. Soon, the murder of an innocent human being would be legal in our nation, even though the legislature, the branch of our government that has the sole constitutional responsibility for making laws, had not passed any legislation making this legal. The judicial branch of our government that applies the statutes of our constitution, had simply made the official decision that each state had the right to decide whether or not to legalize abortion under certain circumstances. The judicial branch cannot pass laws, (according to our constitution), they interpret the constitution and apply the laws in existance.

Until then, killing another person was illegal, unless…they were attacking you with the intent to kill you, in that case you had no choice, you were acting in self defence and could not be found guilty of first degree, (premeditated) murder. Under some circumstances a child growing in a woman’s womb can cause the woman’s death and so, if the M.D. proves that this is the case, then the child must be killed and removed from the womb to save the mother’s life. According to our constitution, I can’t think of any other reason to permit the murder of an unborn child, can you?

One of the reasons abortion has been so successful in our society is because we are being told that this new ruling is based on the supreme court’s decision that a woman has rights over her body, the ‘pregnancy’ is simply an outgrowth of the woman’s reproductive tissue, part of her body, and thusly ‘it’ can be removed, no different than an ovarian tumor, toncils, an appendix.  Anyone who was not sleeping through Biology 101 knows that the woman’s ovum or egg, a single cell that is contained in the ovary, drops from the ovary into the fallopian tube, is fertilized by the sperm of the man. Chromosomes from the egg and the sperm combine to form a new and unique genetic code, the new person, and the cell divides into two, then four, then eight and so on as it continues down the fallopian tube and attaches to the uterous. NEVER has this cell actually been a functioning part of the ovarian tissue, it was produced BY the ovarian tissue with the unique purpose of creating a new human being that is always separate from the mother’s tissue. Never will the new developing person become a functioning part of the mother’s tissue. This person will be separated from the mother by a filter called the placenta. Not even blood will cross through this filter, only chemicals from the mother’s blood to the child’s blood and visa versa. Therefore, the ‘teaching’ used to draft subsequent  legislation justifying the murder of a child because it is part of the mother and thus under her legal control to have it removed, has been based a lie. Any 14 year old taking a test in a basic human biology class who answered a test question in accordance with this erroneous information would be marked ‘incorrect’.

Another reason is due to the use of euphanisms to subtly cloud, hide, twist, distort the true moral issue involved. ‘Reproductive Rights of a Woman’ has been very effective in clouding the truth that a person can have a ‘Legal right’ to do something that is in opposition to a person’s God-given ‘Moral Right’. This is the actual flash point of the abortion issue. Today a woman has a legal right to kill her child for almost any reason, convienence is one, however, when she does she has violated her baby’s moral right to live, (“Thou shalt not kill [murder]”. In their arrogance, liberal thinking supporters of ‘a woman’s reproductive rights’, (mostly the Democratic Party), have placed their beliefs above God’s commands and we, as a nation continue to side with them when we cast our ballot to elect a Democrat to any office.

A good example of this; Today billboards can be seen in the state of Texas and probably many other states, sending the desceptive message to black women that black women must exercise their ‘Reproductive Rights’. They have not only the freedom to have an abortion for any reason, but the obligation to the other women of their race, to exercise their reproductive rights as a ‘statement’ by using abortion as birth control.  Remember, you are not murdering a child, your are ending an inconvenient pregnancy, you are exercising your politically legal ‘Reproductive Rights’ to make a social and political statement about your sexual freedom as a black woman. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these billboards carried the disclaimer, “exercizing your reproductive rights to murder your child will violate his or her God given moral and spiritual right to live”.  In my opinion, behind this ‘push’ is a genocidal agenda to end the black race in a generation or two. When our past president and his wife, (Democrats), were community organizers in a large city that will go un-named, they were heavily engaged in ‘pushing’ black pregnant women through the doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. In my opinion and that of other observers, their agenda was to stop the ever growing welfare culture which by this time had been several generations deep. Their end game, again, in my opinion, was to end the state’s financial welfare burden through ‘genocide by abortion’. Almost ‘Hitleresque’.

What troubles me is, what does God think of a nation that sacrifices its innocent children by the millions? Just read through the books of the prophets in your bible. You hear alot about God destroying the nations of Israel and Judah for their idolatry. What futher investigation will reveal is that much of the idol worship involved sacrificing babies to idols by heating a bronze statue of the idol to a red-hot temperature and then placing a live infant in its out-streached arms. God destroyed the nations surrounding Judah and Israel for their idolatry and He destroyed Israel and Judah as well.  God has historically warned nations about their injustice to voiceless, innocent children and when they refused to repent he wiped them out. Why should our nation be spared?

I say all of this in order to help myself and anyone who reads this blog put things into perspective. Are we beginning to feel the wrath of God on our nation?  Is it troubling to us?  Try to see our nation as God sees it,  as He saw the nations of the past. Even if we only use our national sin of sacrificing innocent, voiceless children to our idol of recreational sex with anyone, anytime, under any circumstances, on a national scale, God is not only justified in putting an end to it, but He would be depriving future children from his protection and justice if He continued to do nothing.

If His people do not rise up and demand that our nation STOP, God’s wrath must fall.